Dao Tun

Dao Tun

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Tianke Wang, PhD

Tianke joined the pharmaceutical industry in 2008. He worked in drug discovery and development for about 10 years at Novartis and held different roles such as investigator, outsourcing manager and immunoassay platform lead. He participated in a number of clinical trials including several products which are now on the market and led the collaboration with a number of leading CROs. He and his partners co-founded Dao Tun GmbH, a Swiss advisory consulting company dedicated to cross-border cooperation between Europe and China with a focus on healthcare and life sciences.

Tianke also serves as a Director at Xinrui Business School’s Department of Education and Training, and leads the cooperation with University of Zurich for Master in Advanced Study - European and Chinese Business Management program. Tianke also is a Partner/ Director of the Europe Office of the Beijing based IP law firm IPSunny.

In addition to his rich professional experience in team building, management, training and coaching in a global and cross-cultural environment, Tianke had held responsibilities in social communities and intercultural interactions for many years as Executive Committee member of the Chinese Association of Science & Technology in Switzerland and as Executive member of the Novartis Asia Business Club.

Tianke Wang obtained a PhD in Biochemistry at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research/University of Basel.