Managing Partners / Board Mandates

Simon Nebel, PhD, MBA

Simon Nebel, PhD, MBA
Founder, Managing Partner

Over the past 20 years, Simon was involved in 4 Private Equity vehicles in healthcare and renewable energy as Managing Partner at Aravis with combined assets in excess of USD 300M. These funds invested in over 25 companies of which 19 healthcare companies; 13 healthcare companies either became public companies (SWX, ATX & NASDQ) or were acquired. In 2016 Simon founded Viopas Venture Consulting where he is Managing Partner.

Simon has extensive experience as Board of Directors from public & private companies. He currently holds four Board positions.

Simon holds a master and a PhD in structural biology from the Biozentrum, University of Basel as well as an MBA from the London Business School.

Thomas Meier, PhD
Managing Partner

Thomas is a dynamic life-science entrepreneur who established Santhera Pharmaceuticals (SIX Exchange: SANN) as successful Biotech/Specialty Pharma company in the Basel area (Switzerland). In the past 20 years he held executive manager positions (CSO and CEO) at Santhera and successfully executed merger/acquisitions, product licensing and turn-around situations.

He stepped down as Santhera’s CEO in late 2019 and became Managing Partner at Viopas Venture Consulting in 2020. Currently Thomas holds four Board positions.

Thomas has a PhD in Biology and is lecturer in neurosciences at the Biozentrum, University of Basel. He is an internationally recognized scientists with track record in clinical research of orphan diseases.

Ulf Grawunder, PhD
Managing Partner

Ulf Grawunder is a successful serial Biotech entrepreneur, who since 2004 has founded three Biotech companies, of which two have exited to other companies by trade-sale. In 2004 he co-founded the therapeutic antibody discovery company 4-Antibody in Basel, where he initially served as start-up CEO and later as CSO, until the company was sold to US-based Agenus Inc. In 2012 Ulf founded NBE-Therapeutics, active in the area of antibody-drug conjugates for cancer therapy. Ulf built NBE-Therapeutics from inception to the trade-sale of the company to Boehringer Ingelheim for US$ 1.4 billion in 2021. Since recently, Ulf is co-founder of T-CURX from Würzburg, Germany, developing CAR-T cell therapies for cancer patients.

A biochemist by training, Ulf received his PhD from the Basel Institute for Immunology. During his academic career he worked at Washington University School of Medicine (USA), the University of Southern California (USA) and the Basel Institute for Immunology. Ulf also holds a Diploma of Technology Entrepreneurship from the University St. Gallen.

Ulf is advisor and teaching faculty member of several institutions, including the iImmune elite master studies program (Erlangen, Germany), the Swiss Venturekick start-up program, the European Center for Pharmaceutical Medicine (Basel). Ulf also serves as Vice-president and Board member of the Swiss Biotech Association.

Daniel Pajer,
Managing Partner, CFO

Daniel Pajer is a senior audit professional and consultant who built his expertise in finance, governance, risk management and compliance over the past 25 years. For the last 10 years he was an Equity Partner with PwC Switzerland.

During his career he served a wide range of clients in the financial services industry and he specialized in the institutional asset management business and its global operations. Daniel’s particular interest is dedicated to the financing of venture capital and the management of private markets funds. His expertise covers organizational, structuring, legal, tax and regulatory requirements of the business.

Daniel enjoys working on demanding client projects and he gained extensive leadership experience as a department head, career coach and during his two-year secondment in the PwC Network. He holds a federal diploma as a certified public accountant and is a 2022 Executive Master in Business Administration candidate.

At Viopas Venture Consulting Daniel will act as the CFO responsible also for compliance topics.